Look Who Disney Is Bringing In To ‘Save’ Them, Will It Work?


There’s was a lot of news in 2022 about the Disney movie that flopped called “Lightyear.”

It was a prequel-style movie about the origins of the Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear. The movie was a total flop, the voice of Buzz, Tim Allen wasn’t used. Disney opted to use Chris Evans voice (Captain America) stating that this is a younger “Buzz” and that they also implied that Allen was the “old” Buzz, Evans is the new Buzz. Additionally, woke content was pushed that turned audiences off.

Allen was pretty quiet about the whole thing, although added that he was never approached by Disney to be part of the film. The Home Improvement actor was also probably being respectful because Disney had him reprise his role as Santa Claus in a new series on Disney +, which did really well (go figure).

On top of that, recently, Disney admitted that their horrible content resulted in their financial woes and political activism.

“Generally, our revenues and profitability are adversely impacted when our entertainment offerings and products, as well as our methods to make our offerings and products available to consumers, do not achieve sufficient consumer acceptance. Further, consumers’ perceptions of our position on matters of public interest, including our efforts to achieve certain of our environmental and social goals, often differ widely and present risks to our reputation and brands,” the filing says.

So what are they going to do?

Bring back Tim Allen and rebooting a faithful Disney brand.

Toy Story.

The news was dropped during Allen’s appearance with Jimmy Fallon.

immy Fallon asked, “Also [I] read somewhere, you don’t have to say if it’s true or not, but I would love it if you did it… is there a Toy Story 5?”

“Bob Iger, head of Disney, said it was on. He actually said that it was going to happen,” Allen said. “They have reached out to Tom and I to do the reprise of the roles. They’re not saying anything about it.”

“You wonder if four was too many, is five going to be too much?… So it could be a very very interesting way to reunite it. I would love to see it,” Allen finished.

The actor also appeared to drive eyeballs to the second season of the Santa Claus series rebooted by Disney in 2022.

It’s funny far-leftists at Disney despise Tim Allen, who has strong conservative leanings and now the company is desperately using him to bring families back.

Will it work?

Who knows.

The question is, can Iger change the culture inside the company back to what it was, or will they try to use Allen as lipstick on a pig?

No disrespect to Tim Allen at al.