SEE IT: INSANE UFO Video Emerges from Canada


The world’s interest in the UFO phenomenon is piquing once again this week, and with good reason.

First, there was Tuesday’s congressional hearing on the subject, in which a number of Pentagon officials testified to the government’s work in uncovering the secret of these strange experiences. ┬áThe hearing included a number of wild pieces of video evidence, as well as some eye-opening claims from deep within the US government.

Then, out of Canada, an extremely compelling piece of video evidence has emerged.

A peculiar piece of footage from Canada shows an odd triangular object silently cruising across the sky and some suspect that the eerie anomaly could be some kind of clandestine military aircraft. The intriguing video was reportedly filmed in Ontario by an individual named Michael and an unidentified female companion as they were out for a walk around sunset. Alas, as is often the case with UFO footage that pops up online, the specific location and date of the strange sighting are unknown. Be that as it may, the video is rather compelling by virtue of the object at the center of the weird scene.

The witnesses were stunned.

In the video, a triangular object sporting a light on each of its three points as well as red illumination in its center can be seen gliding through the sky while making no noise. “It doesn’t look like a plane,” exclaims Michael, while his friend echoes that bewilderment, marveling “that’s unusual. That is weird.” Fortunately, the footage captured by the couple provides a fairly clear look at the unknown object, although what it could have been remains a matter of conjecture.

While there has been no definitive answer as to what the sighting right have been of, the general public can judge for themselves below: