Capitol Police Investigate Drugs Found In Hallway


In yet another disturbing trend, law enforcement officials have discovered drugs inside a government building, this time in the heart of our nation’s capital. The United States Capitol Police have announced that they are investigating a bag of cocaine that was found in a hallway of their headquarters, just a short walk from where members of Congress meet.

The one-inch by one-inch zip-lock baggie was found near offices that handle sensitive information related to crime scenes, intelligence and reports processing. This is a deeply concerning discovery on its own, but it is even more alarming considering the location of the headquarters — mere blocks from Union Station and just down the street from two Senate office buildings. It begs the question: who is bringing drugs into our nation’s capital, and why are they targeting government buildings?

The Capitol Police have reassured the public that the area where the bag was found is heavily trafficked by contractors and employees. However, this still raises concerns about the security protocols in place in such a high-profile and sensitive location. How could a bag of cocaine go unnoticed for so long in a building that is supposed to be safeguarded by those who have sworn to protect it?

This isn’t the first time drugs have been discovered in a government building. Just ten months ago, a similar situation unfolded at the White House when a small baggie of cocaine was found in a West Wing storage locker.

The Secret Service, who were responsible for security at the White House, launched an 11-day investigation into the matter but were unable to identify a suspect due to a lack of physical evidence.

It is deeply concerning that drugs are not only being brought into government buildings but also that investigations into these matters are fruitless. The lack of accountability and consequences for such illegal actions only encourages others to follow suit. And with no cameras in the area where the cocaine was found, it is impossible to hold the culprit responsible.

This is just another example of the chaos and lawlessness that has taken over our country in recent years. It is time for action and for those responsible to be brought to justice. The safety and security of our nation’s institutions should never be compromised.