Biden Delivers Address At APAICS Gala


Joe Biden’s latest public appearance left many wondering about his mental and verbal abilities yet again.

At the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies’ 30th Annual Awards Gala, the President stumbled through his remarks, slurring his words and making confusing statements.

It’s no secret that Biden tends to embellish his stories, and this event was no different. He claimed to have been “raised” by the late Senator Danny Inouye and boasted about his friendship with former Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta, seemingly implying that these connections made him also “Asian.”

But his gaffes didn’t stop there. He couldn’t even pronounce his acting labor secretary’s name correctly and referred to a female member of his cabinet as “kid.” This inappropriate behavior towards women and girls is becoming increasingly creepy and concerning.

In a feeble attempt to regain his credibility, Biden spoke about saving $800 a month for families, but failed to mention that his own policies are causing a surge in inflation, costing Americans hundreds more per month.

But perhaps the most startling aspect of his speech was his obsession with former President Trump. Despite constantly claiming to have “beat Trump,” Biden just can’t seem to stop talking about him. He resorted to calling Trump a “loser” and even stooped so low as to lie about the former president’s handling of COVID-19, falsely claiming he suggested injecting bleach into the skin. These are the desperate actions of a man who knows that Trump is still leading in the polls and proving to be a formidable opponent.

Biden’s mental decline was on full display as he stumbled through his anti-Republican narrative. He couldn’t even read the teleprompter without getting confused and then tried to paint the Republican Party as the party of “Big Pharma” when, in reality, it was his own actions that benefitted the pharmaceutical industry.

And to top it all off, as he left the stage, Biden pretended to leap off, only to shuffle off slowly, further highlighting his frailty and lack of mental sharpness.