Biden Comments Raise Eyebrows Online


Recently President Joe Biden visited a manufacturing plant in Colorado and made a seriously wild off-the-cuff comment.

As Biden met with factory workers at CS Wind, the largest wind tower manufacturer in the world, Biden said, “My marine carries that, and has the code to blow up the world.”

I’m sorry, what!?

That’s not even funny.

Remember when the media would write stories about how dangerous is was that former President Trump might get upset and start a nuclear war?

Biden did have a rough day, though and he continues to slur while he’s speaking.

Below was about as big of a whopper as Biden claiming Thanksgiving dinner was cheaper this year.



Perhaps the greatest whopper the President said was that he cut the federal deficit by over $7 billion.

Imagine being former Vice President Dan Quayle who was tortured for misspelling “potato” and was then mocked the rest of his political career by Democrats for misquotes. He’s probably watching Biden shaking his head.