Press Ask Biden About Debate


The Democratic debates are quickly approaching and the details are being announced left and right. But as the information starts to come out, it’s becoming clear that the playing field is tilted in favor of President Joe Biden.

CNN has announced that Dana Bash and Jake Tapper, two well-known and vocal critics of President Trump, will be moderating the first Democratic debate. How can this possibly be a fair and unbiased debate with such obviously biased moderators? It’s no secret that CNN has a clear anti-Trump agenda, and now they’re giving Biden the advantage by choosing moderators who share his political views.

But it doesn’t stop there. ABC, who will be hosting the second Democratic debate, has reportedly chosen David Muir and Linsey Davis as moderators. And again, it’s no surprise that both of these reporters have been critical of President Trump in the past. It’s clear that Biden is being given preferential treatment with these moderator choices.

But things may not go exactly as planned for Biden. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has announced that he meets all the requirements to be on the debate stage, according to CNN’s own terms. This puts Biden in a tough spot – does he use this as an excuse to avoid the debate altogether, or does he risk facing Kennedy on stage?

One thing’s for sure, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Biden is afraid to face off against President Trump in a debate. He’s already backed out of a third debate offered by Fox, and when asked about it by reporters, he appeared nervous and unprepared. If he can’t handle a simple question about debating, how can he handle the pressures of a presidential debate?

And let’s not forget the potential for bias and unfairness. With the chosen moderators being known critics of President Trump, and even appearing to promote Biden’s campaign merchandise, how can we trust that these debates will be fair and objective? Rules need to be put in place to prevent any potential manipulation or bias, or the integrity of the debates will be compromised.

But even with all of these disadvantages, the biased media will likely spin it in Biden’s favor and declare him the winner, even if he stumbles and makes mistakes. It’s clear that the media will stop at nothing to push their agenda and promote their chosen candidate.

The American people deserve fair and impartial debates, not a designed spectacle meant to boost one candidate over the other. It’s time for the media to stop playing favorites and start giving the American people the unbiased coverage they deserve.