Conservative Film Spanks Disney At The Box Office


The release of Sound of Freedom on July 4th has movie fans across the nation buzzing. After its acquisition by Disney, the anti-child-trafficking drama starring Jim Caviezel was all but shelved as it took the film’s producer Eduardo Verastegui nearly three years to raise the money to get it released through Angel Studios. In the end, Sound of Freedom came in strong with a $14.2 million gross on 2,634 screens and a per-screen average of $5,407.

The film has certainly been helped along by strong social media presence and endorsements from the likes of Mel Gibson and Gary Sinise, as well as a “pay it forward” effort to allow ticket buyers to purchase tickets for those whom might not be able to afford it. But while Sound of Freedom was raking in cash, Disney’s own Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis was lagging behind with a $11.7 million gross across 4,600 screens and a per-screen average of $2,543.

The disappointing box office performance of Indy 5 is just the latest in a long line of blunders from the beleaguered Disney. The film ended its five-day run on July 4th with a domestic total of $82 million, which was below its already lowered five-day projection of $85 million. Overseas ticket sales have been weak as well, suggesting that the film’s middling level of fan enthusiasm is beginning to impact box office numbers.

As for Sound of Freedom, it’s looking like it will continue to be a success. With its strong social media push, positive reviews, and endorsements from big names across Hollywood, the anti-child-trafficking drama is likely to remain a fan favorite in the coming weeks and months.

Isn’t it ironic that Disney got spanked by a movie they shelved.