NBC News Goes After Conservative Woman Challenging The Status Quo


Oh boy, some women are challenging the status quo and it has the drones in the media upset.

Major conservative influencers have really started to challenge the status quo and it has the left freaking out.

Influencers like Alex Clark, Ashely St. Clair, and others are beginning to push back against birth control.

What has the media so enraged about Clark?

She said that women shouldn’t just “blindly” use it for acne.

Earth-shattering, I know. 

“Birth control can be right for some in some cases, but we shouldn’t just take it blindly because of acne and we shouldn’t treat it as the default for all women,” she said on her very popular with Gen Z podcast. Below is an image of Alex Clark.


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Another thing that got NBC News all fired up was when Conservative influencer Ashley St. Clair shared a peer-reviewed study that found long-term use of the pill could cause depression and possibly suicide.

In response to the article, Ashely St. Clair shared her personal experience along with citing the peer-reviewed paper.

“I was placed on the pill at just 14 years old for acne. A few months later, I saw my first-ever therapist despite no prior history of depression. Shortly after that, I was placed on an SSRI,” she wrote. “In retrospect, after being on the birth control pill for nearly a decade, being placed on the pill for “acne” was akin to killing a mouse with a rocket launcher. Though my personal anecdote is a story for another time. Other women are placed on birth control for conditions like cysts and endometriosis, which is a nonissue if those women feel like the trade-off is worth it. However, that trade-off is impossible to analyze without informed consent.”

To be clear these women are not saying one should never use it, they are just advocating that medical professionals are more forthcoming with the risks involved.

Clark openly told NBC News her desire is that women make “radically thoughtful” decisions and “that start with understanding the potential side effects, not downplaying them.”

NBC News did consult an OBGYN who also couldn’t ignore the possible side effects but claimed that people like Clark were “scaring” people.

I think was crazy about the piece was that it had a narrative of “how dare these woman tells others to make wise cautious decisions about their body.”

To be clear this hit piece wouldn’t be necessary if these women weren’t effective and it’s a growing movement.

The left encouraged women to get into the workplace wages dropped moms had to work to help keep the family afloat. The impact of the family hasn’t been the same, now we have employers paying for abortions so they don’t go on maturity leave. But it hasn’t stopped there, now we have states “adjusting” child labor laws.

Additionally, leftists traditionally are more open to abortion and are in favor of medical procedures that are chemical sterilizing kids. Meanwhile, beautiful conservative women are leading a movement to have more kids and use a more natural version of family planning. It’s only going to take a generation folks and that’s why the left is freaking out.