WATCH: Biden Gives Speech In SC Amid Cocainegate Scandal


As the Biden administration continues to be consumed by scandal President Joe Biden recently spoke about Bidenomic in South Carolina.

Biden was back in full antic form doing the creepy whisper thing again.

Joe tried to brag about cutting the defecit.

“By the way, parenthetically, I want you to — you’re going to hear about the deficit — I cut the deficit $1.7 trillion in two years,” he said. “Nobody has ever done that. Cut the debt 1.7.This generates income. It generates growth.”

Even CNN admits that what Biden is claiming is false.

From CNN:

Biden has repeatedly taken credit for reducing the deficit in 2021 and 2022 even though experts have said that the vast majority of this reduction occurred simply because emergency Covid-19 pandemic spending from 2020 expired as planned – and that Biden’s own initiatives made the deficits higher than they otherwise would be.

Then, as we’ve seen so often his brain broke.

“The lithium will power components like our — like the — like — it’s going to be taking — being made in Redwood Minerals — excuse me — Redwood Materials near Charleston, where the company is making the largest investment in the state of — in the history of this state: $3.5 billion to build a battery materials manufacturing plant, creating 1,500 jobs. That’s another community-changer. It’s a gamechanger,” he stammered.

It’s a wonder if Biden even knows what part of the country he’s in. In South Carolina Biden bragged that an American will be able to go through the Hudson Tunnel at 100 mph thanks to his administraiton.

The Hudson Tunnel project is a $6.9 billion endeavor and it was the largest federal transit handout in the nations history.

Joe really liked talking while in South Carolina however, when he called a lid the President wouldn’t take any questions.