Helberg Donates Big Money


In a shocking turn of events, tech adviser Jacob Helberg has joined the ranks of big-money donors who are rejecting the Biden administration and supporting former President Donald Trump for a 2024 presidential bid. Helberg, who has a history of donating to Democratic candidates, has now shifted his allegiance and donated a staggering $1 million to Trump’s reelection effort.

In the past, Helberg was using his wealth and influence to support Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s failed campaign for president. However, Helberg’s recent donation shows a shift in his political views and a growing support for Trump. This sentiment is shared by many other high-powered Silicon Valley businessmen, who have also warmed up to Trump in recent months.

According to Helberg, the social cost of supporting Trump is not as great as it used to be, especially in Silicon Valley where many members now see that Trump was right on critical issues that have a major impact on America. In fact, after the Washington Post reported Helberg’s contribution, he took to social media to say “This one’s for Israel.” Helberg’s support for Trump stems from their shared views on various issues, with China being the most prominent one.

In March, at least 20 other donors, including Helberg, had maxed out their contributions to the Trump 47 joint fundraising committee. Their support for Trump is reflective of a larger trend of Democratic supporters who are disillusioned with President Biden’s leadership and are taking a second look at Trump.

This shift in support can also be seen among Jewish donors, with many expressing skepticism towards Trump in the past but now reconsidering their stance in light of Biden’s recent actions against Israel. Trump’s former ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, has spoken with several Jewish donors who were once “never Trumpers” or “reluctant supporters” who now firmly believe that Trump must win.

“There is clearly a change going on, people who are active in politics with big money, people who were never Trumpers or reluctant ‘hold your nose Trumpers’ are telling me that Trump has to win,” Friedman told The Free Press.

Even Democratic mega-donor Haim Saban, who has been a long-time supporter of Biden, has criticized the current administration for its antagonism towards Israel and its handling of the ongoing conflict with Hamas. Saban highlights the importance of supporting Israel and warns against bending to political pressure, especially when there are more Jewish voters who care about Israel than Muslim voters who support Hamas.

This shift toward Trump among big-money donors is a significant blow to the Biden administration and a testament to the former president’s enduring appeal. As more individuals from both sides of the aisle show their support for Trump, it is clear that he has not been forgotten and remains a major player in the political arena.

Will this trend continue, or will Biden be able to win back the support of these influential donors? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: the Republican party is gaining momentum as it prepares for the 2024 presidential election.