Biden Uses Executive Privilege Over Tapes


In a disturbing turn of events, President Biden has invoked executive privilege over audio recordings from the special counsel’s investigation into his handling of classified documents. This move has raised serious concerns about the president’s mental acuity as he continues to run for a second term.

House Republicans have been demanding for months that Attorney General Merrick Garland turn over the tapes of Biden’s two-day interview and the special counsel’s interview with Biden’s ghostwriter. But Biden’s administration has refused to comply, citing executive privilege and the need to protect future law enforcement efforts.

The House Oversight and Judiciary Committees have both initiated contempt of Congress proceedings against Garland for ignoring the lawful subpoenas. They argue that the release of these recordings is necessary to determine if there are grounds for impeaching Biden. But the Democrats are trying to deflect blame onto Garland, claiming that Republicans just want to manipulate the recordings for political gain.

However, the report from special counsel Hur’s team, which was released in February, clearly stated that Biden is a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory” who likely wouldn’t be convicted of a serious felony due to his mental state. And despite Biden and the White House’s objections, Garland insists that he did not censor or edit the report in any way.

The fact that Biden is now invoking executive privilege to block the release of these recordings only further confirms the concerns about his mental stability. It is becoming increasingly clear that he is not fit to continue serving as commander-in-chief.

But while Biden hides behind executive privilege, former President Donald Trump is facing multiple criminal charges for his own handling of classified records. It’s hypocritical and unfair that Biden and his administration are denying privilege to their political opponents while trying to use it to their own advantage.

As the fight over these tapes continues, the American people deserve transparency from their leaders. We must demand that all of the recordings be released so that we can make an informed decision about our president’s mental fitness. This is not about politics; it’s about the well-being of our country. The truth must be revealed.