Biden Comments Draw Criticism


Recently the White House hosted a “Pride Month 2023” event.

Not only did the display of the American flag make the news some of the Biden’s said did as well.

“Outside the gates of this house are those who want to drag our country backwards, and so many battles yet to be braved. But today, we’re not here to be strong. We’re not here to be courageous. Even though for so many of you, just coming to this event is an act of bravery,” said First Lady Jill Biden.

“Every day that you’re alive and someone loves you is a miracle,” Jill Biden said, quoting author Rita Brown. “And when you leave here to go back to the place that needs so much change, take that miracle with you.”

During the President’s speech the president insisted that the world follow LGBT activists calling them the “bravest” people he’s ever known.

“You’re some of the bravest and most inspiring people I’ve ever known. And I’ve known a lot of good folks,” Biden said. “You set an example for the nation — and quite frankly for the world.”

“You know, we all move forward when we move together with your joy, with your pride lighting the way,” the president continued. “So today, let us proudly remember who we are — the United States of America.”

The day before the White House event the President spoke at Fort Liberty (formerly Fort Bragg) home to a large portion of US special operations and a large military community that has defended the United States the last 20 years during the war on terror.