Trump’s Attorney Goes Scorched Earth After Indictment Announcement – WATCH


Shortly after it was announced that former President Donald Trump is going to be indicted on federal charges of possessing classified documents, his attorneys appeared on Fox News.

“For the president to be indicted for something that every other president, every other non-president, including vice presidents, have done shows what a sick world we are living in,” Alina Habba said.

She said that she is also “petrified” for the nation and sad for the former president “although he is resilient and strong and it just tells me once again why we need him back in the White House.”

“It is a very sad state of affairs in this country,” she continued:

There is a two-tier system of justice that we are seeing right now. Hillary Clinton smashed a computer, got rid of emails, we had recordings in sock drawers, we have Biden and Obama who are hiding things. Biden still has things in Chinatown, in his home, with a son who’s a drug addict. Nothing happens to these people. So when your name is Donald Trump, when you’re leading the polls, you are going to get hit hard. You are going to get indicted until you can’t take it anymore, but they picked the wrong guy.

It was former President Trump who announced on his social media platform that federal prosecutors were going to indict him:

The corrupt Biden Administration has informed my attorneys that I have been Indicted, seemingly over the Boxes Hoax, even though Joe Biden has 1850 Boxes at the University of Delaware, additional Boxes in Chinatown, D.C., with even more Boxes at the University of Pennsylvania, and documents strewn all over his garage floor where he parks his Corvette, and which is “secured” by only a garage door that is paper thin, and open much of the time.

He added, “I AM AN INNOCENT MAN! DARK DAY for the United States of America.”

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