Video Counters Claim Made About Rep. Jim Jordan


During an episode of ABC’s “The View” host Sunny Hostin made a shocking allegation against Rep. Jim Jordan who is a nominee for Speaker of the House.

Hostin was discussing a congressional hearing that she had been called in so she could testify about cameras in courtrooms. She claimed that Jordan had “terrorized” her and other experts who were there to testify. Hostin claimed that Jordan was yelling at her and was spitting.

“I’ve had my own personal interaction with Jim Jordan where he terrorized me,” she said during Thursday’s broadcast of “The View.”

“I testified in front of Congress. He was, like, spitting — he was yelling at me so much that he started spitting,” Hostin continued. “I think when you have someone who, like Nancy Pelosi said, who supported an insurrection, who voted not to certify the election, who would then be second in command to the presidency, Rachel Maddow said that yesterday, and I think it — we gasped.”

“Well, that’s basic civics,” co-host Joy Behar added.

“I think the thought of a person like that being able to non-certify an election is really problematic,” Hostin said. “I mean, what’s going on in this country?”

Well, mrcTV did some digging and found the hearing where the View host claims she was treated improperly by Jordan. It appears that Jordan never yelled at Hostin and from the videos provided never questioned her. The congressman was more focused on former CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin. During his questioning Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) warned Jordan he was getting off topic and he did protest but he didn’t yell “so much that he started spitting.

You can watch below: