Miami Dentist Fired After What He Did To Posters Of Israeli Hostages


Dr. Ahmed ElKoussa and his friend, “Instagram model” Xave Ramou, were seen on a video that went viral on social media.

That video has now gotten Elkoussa, a dentist, fired.

The pair was seen on video tearing down posters showing Israelis who were kidnapped during the October 7, 2023 Hamas attack.

The following day the dentists was fired and the dental office made a strong statement.

“We are very sad to see this situation upon waking up,” the post read. “Our office CG Smile is not in favor of any of the actions taken by Dr. Elkoussa. We do not support terrorist groups, actions or supporters.”

“He has been removed from our staff, all of our social media pages and groups. CG Smile DOES NOT support terrorist groups actions or supporters.”


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The dentist claims he tore down the posters in an act of peace.

‘It’s to deescalate the situation that we’re going through and make sure that our communities are safe,’ he said.

“Unfortunately my video of four seconds got taken way out of context as well as the way that my former employer had portrayed it, that it’s an act of supporting terrorism,” ElKoussa added.

Here’s some of the hostages.

The New York Times is also fuming because Musk removed their verification badge after the false information that took place on the Israel-Gaza war.

It wasn’t just the story the Times reported on it was the picture they used to spread the misinformation.