The Fetterman Fiasco Just Got Crazier – Watch


Somebody ought to be bidding for the rights to the mini-series that will be made about the whole Senator John Fetterman fiasco. This thing just gets crazier and crazier.

The newly elected senator from Pennsylvania is still getting treatment at Walter Reed hospital after checking himself in for “severe” depression.

That came right after he was rushed to the hospital for light-headedness soon after the campaign ended. And during the highly contested campaign, Fetterman suffered a massive stroke in the middle of 2022.

During each phase of these traumatic events, the people surrounding the senator have put forth smoke and mirrors. So now when you even bring up the possibility of him stepping down, you get charged with “ableism.”

Fetterman’s staff are working hard to make people believe that he is still working while confined at Walter Reed.

Can you imagine how the press would be circling if Fetterman was a Republican? Remember the calls for Donald Trump to be forcibly removed because he walked slowly down a ramp one day?

Take a look at what the New York Times wrote in a full spread, they actually suggested that it was “normal” for a senator to co-sponsor legislation that he’s not even aware of!

This is from the NYT: “It’s “hardly atypical” for a senator to have a “staff-run institution.”

Let that sink in.

What other defense is possible for somebody that is in Fetterman’s condition?

Has anyone ever heard of a senate staff co-sponsoring legislation for their boss without his or her knowledge?

We have a government that is being run by staff proxies right now.

Do you want a twist to the story from left field? Here’s a wild headline: “Gisele Barreto Fetterman, Wife of Sen. John Fetterman, Spotted Fighting Apartment Fire in East Pittsburgh.”

She is apparently only visiting her husband once a week…I mean, there are fires to fight after all.