How Far Would Biden Go to Solve the Fentanyl Problem? – Watch


What are the chances that we can solve the massive fentanyl problem in the United State by the end of Joe Biden’s term, be it in 2024 or 2028?

The only way for things to change would be for the U.S. government to take off the kid gloves when it comes to Mexico and how they deal with the drug cartels.

The truth is that no one in D.C. seems to be willing to fix the crisis.

The problem began to crystalize under the Obama administration when it kept fentanyl under the umbrella of the larger “opioid epidemic” umbrella. Fentanyl is much more dangerous than other opioids.

Under Trump, the focus on fighting the fentanyl crisis was on China and the chemicals coming in that make fentanyl.

But times have changed and the chemicals have shifted to Mexico with the cartels taking over the majority of the production south of the border.

And now, under Biden, we have chaos from his open border policy and a weak commitment to protect American interests from the cartels and China.

We’ve gone from the frying pan to the fire.

Merrick Garland admitted the desperation in his last hearing before the U.S. Senate. At one point he said that the fentanyl crisis is “a horrible epidemic, but it’s an epidemic that has been unleashed on purpose” by the Mexican drug cartels flooding American streets with the drug.

Biden has the power to declare these cartels terrorist organizations, and he doesn’t need Congress to do this.

Lindsey Graham asked Garland, “Would you oppose some of us trying to make [Mexican drug cartels] foreign terrorist organizations?”

It seems that “diplomatic concerns” keep Garland from agreeing that these cartels should be labeled as terrorists.

The Mexican government is both terrified of the cartels and in the pocket of the cartels, so this will always be on America to solve this problem.

How far are we willing to go?