Appeals Court Rules In Favor Of Texas Over Barriers


A US District Judge just handed the state of Texas a huge win and it’s a big problem for the Biden administration.

As the situation at the border intensified, Governor Greg Abbott ordered that razor wire be installed to deter people from crossing. After the razor wire was installed there was reports, video, and images of border agents cutting the wire and allowing migrants entry into the United States.

On November 30, 2023, Judge Alia Moses ruled that Texas officials did not meet the requirements to issue an injunction against cutting the barrier.

The razor wire barrier was mainly set up along a 30-mile area near Eagle Pass.

But she also added that razor wire is an effective barrier to be used alone in other parts of the border.

“The law may be on the side of the Defendants and compel a resolution in their favor today, but it does not excuse their culpable and duplicitous conduct,” Moses wrote. “The evidence presented amply demonstrates the utter failure of the Defendants to deter, prevent, and halt unlawful entry into the United States.”

Despite hammering the Biden administration over how they are handling the border the judge ruled in their favor. So Attorney General Ken Paxton immediately appealed.

On December 4th, Ken Paxton secured a stay prohibiting federal authorities from damaging or removing the razor wire fence.

“I am pleased the court recognized the extent of the federal government’s blatant and disturbing efforts to subvert law and order at our State’s border with Mexico,” said Attorney General Paxton. “This is an important step supporting Texas’s right to protect our citizens from Biden’s doctrine of open borders at any cost.”

In the near future there’s going to be another court battle between Texas and the Biden administration.

Texas lawmakers recently passed a law allowing local law enforcement officials to arrest and deport illegal immigrants. The bill made it a state crime to cross the southern border illegally but the law is going to create another court showdown.