Protests Remain Peaceful At Ole Miss


A group of students at Ole’ Miss displayed true patriotism and solidarity amidst a chaotic scene on their campus. As anti-Israel protesters chanted and shouted, these students took it upon themselves to drown out the noise with a powerful rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” This act of defiance and unity is a testament to the strength of American values and the unwavering support for our nation.

Governor Tate Reeves of Mississippi showed strong leadership and a commitment to maintaining law and order on his state’s college campuses. In response to the reports of anti-Israel protests at Ole’ Miss, he made it clear that peaceful protests are allowed and protected under the law, but any unlawful behavior will not be tolerated.

“I am aware of today’s scheduled protest on the campus of Ole Miss. Mississippi law enforcement is also aware. And they are prepared,” he said. “Campus police, City, County, and State assets are being deployed and coordinated. We will offer a unified response with one mission: Peaceful protests are allowed and protected — no matter how outrageous those protesters views may seem to some of us. But unlawful behavior will not be tolerated. It will be dealt with accordingly. Law and order will be maintained!”

This message reminds us that while freedom of speech and expression are protected rights, they do not give individuals the right to cause harm or chaos.

Similar scenes played out at other universities, such as the University of Alabama, where students chanted “USA! USA! USA!” to drown out the anti-Israel protesters.

At the University of North Carolina, a fraternity stepped in to protect an American flag from being replaced with a Palestinian flag. These students showed bravery and stood their ground against the hostile and hateful actions of the protesters.

Pi Kappa Phi member Guillermo Estrada explained, “My fraternity brother and others ran over to hold it up, in order for it not to touch the ground. People began throwing water bottles at us, rocks, sticks, calling us profane names. We stood for an hour defending the flag so many fight to protect.”

It is sad to see these anti-Israel protests spreading to college campuses across the country. It is a reminder of the influence of radical ideologies and the need for strong leadership and unity to combat them. The actions of these students at Ole’ Miss, the University of Alabama, and the University of North Carolina are shining examples of what it means to be a true patriot and defender of American values.

In these unsettling times, it is important to remember that the American flag represents so much more than just a piece of cloth. It represents the sacrifices made by countless brave men and women to protect our freedoms and our way of life. It is a symbol of hope, unity, and strength.