Biden Comments On Taxes During North Carolina Speech


President Joe Biden’s campaign team continues to face challenges as they try to navigate the various issues that arise due to his declining health.

During a campaign event in Wilmington, North Carolina on Thursday, Biden repeated several false statements about the economy, claiming credit for creating 15 million new jobs and falsely accusing former President Donald Trump and his supporters of giving tax cuts to the wealthy. He also struggled to read the teleprompter, mispronouncing the acronym PFAS and stumbling over his words.

In a particularly confusing moment, Biden claimed that retail giant Walmart had opened a new store and would be charging the same prices for all products as before the pandemic. However, Walmart employees quickly debunked this claim, stating that there was no such announcement or change in pricing.

It appears that Biden may have been confusing a statement made by Walmart’s CEO in March, in which he mentioned that some products would be lower than a year ago, with the false claim about prices being rolled back to pre-pandemic levels.

Biden’s tendency to spread false information and make nonsensical statements has become a cause for concern among his team. They have to closely monitor his events, making sure he is never left alone and providing him with notes or a teleprompter to guide his words. Yet, they are unable to fix the root of the issue – Biden’s declining cognitive abilities and his habit of twisting facts and telling tall tales.

Before shuffling off the stage, Biden once again made a bizarre statement, telling the audience not to jump and adding to the confusion of the event. This is just one of many instances where Biden has made nonsensical remarks, further fueling concerns about his mental acuity.

It is clear that Biden’s team needs to do more than treat the symptoms of his issues—they need to address the underlying problem, which is Biden himself. Lack of trust and credibility continue to plague his campaign as he consistently spreads misinformation and fumbles through his speeches.