Latest Revelation In Hunter Case Is Something Else


You know, at least when Obama was President, even Democrats went to jail.

The latest revelation coming the New York Times (that’s right, the Times) makes Obama look like an ethical conservative saint concerned about the rule of law.

I’m not grandstanding for Obama but let me give you some examples.

2015 the entire Philadelphia Traffic court system was terminated and seven judges were convicted. Additionally, Democrat Congressman Chaka Fattah was indicted in 2015 and sentenced to 10 years in federal prison (his sentence was overturned by the 3rd Circuit and served two years). The Obama administration also indicted New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. As a matter of fact, I don’t know who he ticked off, but they are still going after him.

Lastly, let’s not forget that even Jessie Jackson Jr. was indicted during the Obama Administration.

We don’t see the same type of behavior taking place now, especially after it was learned by the New York Times that now special counsel David Weiss deputy, Lesley Wolf, let Hunter’s lawyer write the sweetheart plea deal.

According to the Times, they had developed a “rapport” with each other and offered to draft the plea deal.

From the New York Times (it’s a long excerpt but we wanted to keep it in context):

On Monday, May 15, a familiar figure reached out to Mr. Clark: Lesley Wolf, a top Weiss deputy with whom Mr. Clark had developed a rapport over the previous two years. In a conference call with the Biden legal team, she acknowledged Mr. Clark’s core demand: that his client never be asked to plead guilty to anything.

She then made a proposition — a deal in which Mr. Biden would not plead guilty, but would agree to what is known as a deferred prosecution agreement.

Mr. Clark — knowing Mr. Biden wanted to bring an end to the investigation that had hovered over him, his family and the Biden White House — was amenable. He told Ms. Wolf he would draft language for such an agreement, an opening bid that would kick off final talks.

By Thursday, Mr. Clark and his legal team sent Ms. Wolf their version of an agreement. It made no mention of a guilty plea, but included a promise that Mr. Biden would never again possess a gun and a pledge that he would pay his taxes.

Ms. Wolf suggested additions, including a demand for a statement of facts, a detailed and unflattering narrative of an individual’s conduct that had been investigated.

The parties then turned to the most important provision of all, an issue that would ultimately unravel the deal: Mr. Clark’s sweeping request for immunity not only for all potential crimes investigated by Mr. Weiss, but also for “any other federal crimes relating to matters investigated by the United States” he might have ever committed.

The report detailed that Wolf initially discarded the language about avoiding further prosecution but Clark pressed Weiss, who allowed it.

We’ve also learned, thanks to these communications, that Hunter Biden worked with Democrat lawyers working on impeaching former President Trump in 2019.

Politico reported that on January 26, 2020, communications showed that Hunter was working with the IRS to straighten things out but had to postpone a meeting.

Politico stated (22 paragraphs into the report), “Biden got sober and started working to make amends with the IRS. But he faced an unusual complication: He was at the center of Trump’s first impeachment.”

Hunter explained that he had a “meeting tomorrow with impeachment lawyers for the day. It will have to wait until Tuesday I’m afraid.”

The Biden admin is making Obama look like a saint.