Journalists Has Fiery Exchange With Maui Mayor


Emotions are running high in Maui and despite what CNN has claimed Biden’s visit didn’t help.

Residents are frustrated.

We previously reported wildfires ripped through the densely-populated area of Lahaina, leaving 114 dead and 1,050 missing and unaccounted for. It has been estimated that up to 3,357 students are relocated to different schools due to damage to the schools they were attending, and only 400 students from the area that burned have been reenrolled in other public schools.

The fires destroyed 2,200 homes, displaced nearly 5,000 people, and could still have more tragic outcomes as the death toll continues to rise. Counseling will be offered at the schools that are reopening outside of the burn zone, but the puzzles pieces of this tragedy are still being put together to identify those lost.

Hawaii Governor Josh Green addressed the uncertainty of the missing persons on Sunday after the fires with Face the Nation. “We do have extreme concerns that because of the temperature of the fire, the remains of those who have died, in some cases, may be impossible to recover meaningfully. So there are going to be people that are lost forever.”

Fox News reporter Will Cain has been on the ground one of the points he’s made is heartbreaking.

Other than a couple of reports, not many family members are talking on TV about missing relatives. After spending time on the ground, Cain believes that it’s very possible entire families perished.

Cain also reported that a drone operator hired by an attorney to fly over the fire’s possible origination was chased off a parking lot by authorities.

The few investigative reporters that are on the ground are pushing for answers. One reporter claims he was put in a headlock by local police. Local news outlets said a “Kentucky Man”  confronted the mayor; however, it was Nick Sortor, who’s a freelance journalist and has been on Tucker’s show often.