New Details In Camp Pendleton Trafficking Case


Before we go any further this is an ongoing investigation and we will update the story when new information is available.

Initially, there were reports that a young teen who is 14 was allegedly trafficked at Camp Pendleton by a Marine. has obtained new documents and reported the update:

While the young girl at the heart of this story went missing in early June, federal investigators concluded that she had been at Camp Pendleton for only about 24 hours and appeared to have met the Marine whose barracks room she would come to stay in just a day prior.

The documents also show that investigators have begun to look into the claims that the girl was a victim of human trafficking. So far, investigators are reporting that the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), which is being aided by several other agencies, has been unable to find any corroborating evidence to back up those claims.

The documents seen by say that when agents first interviewed the Marine and the victim, both said they met on the dating app “Tinder” where the girl used a different name and claimed to be 22. The Marine told investigators the connection happened on June 26 — a day before he would help drive her onto Camp Pendleton — and admitted to having had sexual contact with the girl in his barracks room.

The investigative documents also note that the Marine allowed agents to take all the data from his cell phone, including later messages in which the victim admitted to lying to the Marine about her age.

From what we also know on June 27, 2023 the Marine, and a fellow service member with the young teen, were able to get through a checkpoint at Camp Pendleton. Reports say that base security asked for the Marine’s ID but not the teen girls who was in the car. The Marine and the teen spent time in his barracks room however his roommate kicked her out, which led to her getting help from the Marine to get back on base.

Later two Navy corpsmen found the girl wandering the barracks and reported it to NCIS. It was discovered by investigators that the victim had been reported missing by her family on June 13 but also that she has a history of running away from home.

A spokesman for the 1st Marine Logistic Group made a statement to news outlets that the Marine has been questioned and was released to his command pending further investigation.

Casaundra Perez, the girls’ aunt first posted a video on TikTok, claiming that the Marine had trafficked her niece which went viral making this a national news story. The girls aunt also claimed that the military is trying to cover the incident up.

I’m just saying in this day and age if you meet someone on a dating app, when you meet up ask to see their ID. If they get mad about it that’s their problem and you probably dodged a bullet because look at this mess.

Now if it’s found that this Marine was indeed doing what the teen’s family members are accusing him of, make an example out of him and punish him to the full extent of the UCMJ (Uniform Code Of Military Justice).

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