Biden Admin Creates Lots Of Missteps In 24 Hours


The video speaks for itself, in a little over a 24-hour period the Biden administration managed to rack up gaffe after gaffe between the President and VP Kamala Harris.

We’ll start with the Vice President whose word salad called AI (Artificial Intelligence) a “fancy thing.”

Meanwhile in Lithuania Joe gets a little disoriented.

It was all downhill for the President later in the day.

What was he thinking about?

Back in DC congress was grilling the FBI director.

The media is starting to notice and they are getting worried…

“If you are managing a president’s schedule & you’re managing a president getting on & off stage, getting on & off planes, & yes, he’s 80. You need to be there for him. You need to make a pathway & you better make sure he doesn’t fall on a sandbag. These are things that are going to hurt him played on a loop,” Mika Brzezinski said during an MSNBC segment. “Let him do his job, his speeches, let him work on policy, his connections in Congress — unlike any president we have seen since, I don’t know, Clinton. But my God! Make sure, you’re his Secret Service, you’re his staff, make sure you’re there & telling him what’s next.”