Biden Brings In A Helper Says Report


Yeah, President Joe Biden may have cooked his own goose he has decided to enlist a “heavy hitter” to give him a hand.

Hillary Clinton.

LOL, this is going to be funny to watch.

During a notable fundraising event, Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee and former Secretary of State, hosted a gathering at her Washington home, Whitehaven, for the Women’s Leadership Forum. This event, held on the final Monday of November, successfully raised nearly $1 million towards President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. Clinton’s active involvement in this event underscores her emerging role as a significant and influential supporter in Biden’s re-election bid.

Hillary Clinton’s recent activities, including publishing an op-ed in The Atlantic supporting Biden’s stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict and confronting a heckler at a Columbia University panel, highlight her commitment to Biden’s campaign. Her efforts demonstrate her ability to provide political support and cover for Biden, especially on foreign policy issues, where her experience as Secretary of State lends credibility. Additionally, her popularity among key segments of the Democratic base and her fundraising prowess are seen as vital assets for Biden’s campaign.

Clinton’s influence is expected to grow as the election approaches. However, she currently fills a gap that will later be joined by former President Barack Obama, who typically becomes more active in campaigning closer to Election Day. This strategy, while effective, has been a point of contention among some Democratic strategists who believe Obama’s involvement is needed sooner to bolster Biden’s campaign.

The relationship between Biden and Clinton has evolved over time. Despite previous political rivalries, such as Clinton’s decision to run in 2016, which influenced Biden’s decision not to enter the race, the current political climate has brought them closer. With Biden facing challenging approval ratings and a competitive race against former President Donald Trump, who is currently dealing with multiple indictments, the need for strong alliances within the Democratic Party is more pronounced than ever.

As part of a broader Democratic strategy, high-profile figures like the Clintons and the Obamas are being mobilized to energize Biden’s campaign. This effort was evident when Biden, accompanied by the Clintons and Michelle Obama, attended a memorial service for former First Lady Rosalynn Carter. This event presented a united front of Democratic leadership, symbolizing solidarity and support for Biden.

Additionally, the White House’s recent hiring of Dennis Cheng, a seasoned fundraiser for the Clintons, is seen as a strategic move to strengthen ties with key political allies. Cheng’s appointment emphasizes the administration’s focus on engaging with party elites and solidifying support within the Democratic establishment.

Bill Clinton’s recent meeting with Argentina’s President-elect Javier Milei, alongside former Senator Chris Dodd, Biden’s special adviser for the Americas, further highlights the Clintons’ role in supporting Biden’s foreign policy outreach. These efforts are part of a concerted effort by high-profile Democrats to rally support and ensure a strong showing in the upcoming election.

As the campaign progresses, Hillary Clinton is expected to play a pivotal role in energizing Democratic voters. Her experience in the 2016 election, where third-party candidates impacted the outcome, positions her to caution voters about the consequences of splitting the vote. Her involvement is seen as crucial in reinforcing the message of unity and the importance of rallying behind Biden to prevent a potential Trump victory.

Democrats are keen on maximizing the involvement of influential figures like Obama and Clinton. Their involvement is viewed as essential in driving voter turnout and mobilizing support, particularly as the election draws nearer. The Biden campaign, recognizing the significance of these surrogates, is actively working to leverage their influence and reach to secure a victory in the 2024 election.