DeSantis Responds To Protestors During Town Hall


A town hall event with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis turned chaotic as protesters from the Sunrise Movement disrupted the event with a huge banner and shouted chants against oil money. It was an unexpected turn of events for Fox News, who organized the town hall and had presumably vetted the attendees. How these protesters managed to get in and disrupt the event remains a mystery, but it seems that DeSantis was not fazed by their actions.

In the middle of answering a question about abortion, DeSantis was suddenly interrupted by the protesters who rushed towards the stage, unfurling their banner and blocking the governor’s face on camera. But DeSantis, known for his poise and quick wit, immediately shut down the protesters by saying, “You live and you learn with these people, right?” He then went on to clarify that their protest was directed at the wrong person, as he is a firm supporter of fracking, which the Sunrise Movement is strongly opposed to.

It was evident that the security at the event acted quickly as the protesters were piled on and removed from the premises. DeSantis, unfazed by the disruption, continued to address the audience. He proudly proclaimed his support for fracking and made it clear that he was not swayed by the protesters’ actions. It was clear that the governor was not afraid to speak his mind and stand by his beliefs, even in the face of opposition.

During the town hall, DeSantis also spoke about his opponents in the upcoming election. He claimed that he was the one most attacked by the Democrats, but his statements were met with skepticism from some audience members. When asked about his low poll numbers compared to former President Donald Trump, DeSantis confidently responded with a simple message, “If you’re a conservative, I’m your guy. Vote for me in the caucus, and you can make history.”

Despite his strong support for Trump, DeSantis also made it known that he was not afraid to take action against the FBI. This bold statement showed his determination and willingness to stand up against institutions that he believes are failing the American people. It was a message that resonated with many of the conservatives in attendance at the town hall.

However, there is no denying that DeSantis still has a long way to go in terms of gaining national recognition and support. He has yet to make a significant impact in the polls, even after participating in high-profile debates. But DeSantis remains unfazed and continues to campaign tirelessly, making his case to voters that he is the best conservative candidate in the race.

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