Court Staffer Arrested After Uproar During Trump Case


The drama/circus that is President Trump’s fraud case in New York City just took another wild turn.

A court staffer has been arrested after she tried to confront former President Trump during court proceedings.

Previously, Judge Arthur Engoron gag the former President from attacking his court clerk and has demanded that Trump watch his expressions after he supposedly interrupted a witness.

Trump let out a big sign when real estate appraiser Doug Larson was trying to explain his ridiculous appraisal of Mar-A-Lago.

During a break in the trial Trump commented saying, “The government lied… They didn’t reveal all the evidence that made me totally innocent of anything that they say.”

Later it was reported that an unnamed woman “approached the bench during Donald Trump‘s fraud trial today.” Law enforcement immediately confronted her and hauled her out of the courtroom while screaming.

“None of the parties were ever in any danger,” a spokesperson said. “The individual was safely escorted out… and has been charged with Contempt of the Court in the 2nd degree, i.e. disrupting a court proceeding.”

The unnamed woman has been banned from entering the courtroom.

There are updated reports that the woman wanted to help Trump.

The New York Post is reporting that the woman arrested is a secretary for a Queens judge who has had run-ins with law enforcement before and successfully sued Nassau County police after a DUI arrest in 2011, when she claimed she was inappropriately touched by an officer. The Post also discovered that her claim she wanted to help the former president may be disingenuous after reviewing the anti-Trump posts on her social media page.

This is the most New York City thing ever.