Biden Responds To Gaza Hospital Incident


On October 17, 2023, there was an uproar over a hospital that was hit in Gaza by a munition.

Immediately, Hamas blamed the “attack” on Israel, claiming they killed hundreds and committed a war crime. The press and members of the Democrat “Squad” jumped all over it.

Protests surrounded United States embassies in Lebanon and Iraq. There were also reports that in Jordan, a mob attempted to storm the Israeli embassy in Amman, Jordan.

Additionally, Congresswomen Rashida Talib and Ilhan Omar condemned Israelis without waiting for the facts.

About 12 hours later, there was plenty of evidence showing that the “attack” on the hospital was a rocket launched by forces inside Gaza meant to hit inside Israel that fell short.

Interestingly, it was a pro-Hamas news source that initially captured the video, and when daylight came, it was even more apparent that the Israelis weren’t responsible for the tragedy.

Well, Biden has officially responded to the incident and the left along with the media are going to pull their hair out.

You’ll notice Biden was reading from his card which means if it wasn’t vetted by US officials it wouldn’t be on the card.

The far left is also going to be pulling out their hair when they find out that the White House is mulling action if Hezbollah tries to interfere while the IDF is dealing with Gaza.