White House Clarifies Biden Statement After Address


On November 22, 2023 Biden only had on event scheduled and it was to explain the “progress” he’s made addressing the massive fentanyl problem in the United States.

As Biden was speaking he made a huge gaffe.

The President said that he would demand that Congress make fentanyl a “Schedule 1 drug.” If that took place fentanyl would not be allowed to be used for legitimate medical uses.

What’s even more comical is that the gaffe wasn’t Biden rifting he was reading the remarks right out of his binder created for him word for word.

Currently, fentanyl is a Schedule II drug which allows it to be used in the medical field.

The White House immediately tried to play clean-up.

From the New York Post:

Biden administration officials clarified to The Post that he was not actually calling for a ban on fentanyl, but for Congress to make permanent a 2018 emergency action that declared fentanyl-related substances as Schedule I drugs.

The administration aides insisted to The Post that the president didn’t misspeak when he called on Congress to make fentanyl a Schedule I drug because, they said, he was thinking about illicit street fentanyl, which may or may not contain fentanyl-related substances.

White House spokeswoman Kelly Scully said, “This is exactly what he intended to say. Today’s event is specifically about illicit fentanyl not medical fentanyl.”

Fentanyl-related substances have slightly different chemical compositions than fentanyl itself, which in the past allowed traffickers to avoid penalties.

After that colossal mistake, Biden took off for Nantucket to spend Thanksgiving with the elite.