Airbase Sends Text Message Warning To Airman Over Event


Recruitment into the military is at an all-time low, and now senior Air Force officials are threatening anyone who participates in an event the regime doesn’t approve of.

In a recent development at the Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota, the leadership issued a text message to its service members regarding a downtown rally featuring a speaker from a pro-Trump organization. The text message advised personnel to exercise caution if they were planning to attend the event and to be aware of potential confrontations with military members.

The rally in question, named the “Dakota Patriot Rally,” took place on November 17 at the state fairgrounds in Minot. The message singled out the guest speaker from Turning Point Action, an organization known for promoting conservative values and having ties to former President Donald Trump. They labeled the group “alt-right” despite its mainstream presence in conservative political circles.

Tyler Bowyer, the Chief Operating Officer of Turning Point Action, was the featured speaker at the event. The text message underscored that participation with such groups could potentially jeopardize a service member’s military career.

In other words, if you have views against the regime, they are going to punish you.

And they wonder why recruitment is so low.

In response to the warning, a spokesperson for Turning Point Action strongly rebuked the characterization of the organization, its leadership, and event attendees. They emphasized that Tyler Bowyer’s role as COO and his prominence in political organizing should not be underestimated. The spokesperson also expressed dismay at the suggestion that association with conservative groups could harm military careers and called for an investigation into the matter.

The Minot Police Department clarified that a shooting incident that occurred on the same day as the rally had nothing to do with the rally the Dakota Patriot Rally. However, that didn’t stop leadership at the airbase responsible for the text message to try and tie the two together.

The Minot Air Force Base leadership has yet to issue a formal response to inquiries about the cautionary message.

The text message has Republican lawmakers fuming.

Perhaps what Senator Mike Lee said though was the strongest.