Appeals Court Steps In After SCOTUS Decision Over Texas Law


Under constant legal siege for its anti-immigration policies, the state of Texas saw a glimmer of success in the ongoing legal back and forth over its landmark law to detain and deport undocumented immigrants.

After the Supreme Court handed down a 6-3 ruling in favor of the state, it appeared that Texas had won a significant victory in its quest to combat the influx of illegal aliens. However, mere hours after the ruling, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals blocked the enforcement of the law once again.

Texas’s SB4 law, which empowers state law enforcement to detain, arrest, and deport illegal immigrants, has been a source of legal headaches for the state since its passage. The Biden Justice Department has threatened to sue the state for the law, and the department had already clashed with Texas Governor Greg Abbott over another immigration policy. The state is under constant legal siege as it attempts to grapple with a problem that seems to have no clear solution.

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, a Republican, lauded the Supreme Court’s decision, calling it “historic.” He praised the law’s true author, state Senator Charles Perry, for crafting a vital piece of legislation that allows Texas to stand up for itself and protect its borders.

The Supreme Court’s decision to allow Texas to enforce SB 4 until the higher courts can rule on its legality was seen as a victory for Texas and a signal that the law would likely stand under scrutiny.

However, the victory was short-lived. Just hours after the Supreme Court ruling, the Fifth Circuit once again blocked the law from being enforced while the case’s merits are argued. The appeals court’s decision came following a statement from two justices in the Supreme Court’s conservative majority that indicated they may revisit the issue after the lower court weighs in on the case. It seems that the continued legal battle over immigration in Texas has no end in sight.

The ongoing legal war over SB 4 highlights the larger issue facing Texas and the country as a whole: illegal immigration. The Biden administration has shown a blatant disregard for the state’s sovereignty and its right to enforce its own laws.

As a result, Texas is trapped in a never-ending cycle of legal battles and bureaucratic red tape. It is clear that until a new president is elected who values the security and sovereignty of our borders, Texas will continue to bear the brunt of the immigration crisis. It is a sad reality that operational control of our border seems further out of reach with each passing day.