Protests Break Out At Event In Memphis


Far-left activists showed their true colors as they disrupted a Turning Point USA event headlined by Kyle Rittenhouse at the University of Memphis on Wednesday evening. Chanting “Black Lives Matter” and “No justice, no peace,” the unruly mob made it clear that they are intolerant of any differing opinions.

But the real injustice occurred before the event even began. The University of Memphis went to great lengths to hamstring the event, forcing the organization to change its ticketing system just hours before the event in order to ensure “fair and equitable” ticketing. This left many students who wished to attend out in the cold and allowed for radical agitators to reserve seats.

As Rittenhouse began his speech, the mob started shouting, disrespectfully interrupting his message of patriotism and supporting law and order. One member of the mob could be seen wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt, a clear sign of the group’s extreme left-wing agenda.

But the chaos didn’t end there. Outside the event, the mob continued to shout and intimidate, even going as far as doxing the Turning Point USA chapter president who organized the event. And when it was time for attendees to leave, the mob turned violent.

Videos captured by on-the-ground reporter Julio Rosas show a large group of agitators chasing after a small group of attendees who were simply trying to leave the event. The unruly mob even followed them into the parking garage, spitting on and hitting cars as they went.

This isn’t just a matter of free speech, but a dangerous display of aggression and intolerance. The University of Memphis should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this type of behavior on their campus.

And let’s not forget this is happening in Tennessee, a state that had record homicides last year. Yet, instead of addressing the actual problem, the University of Memphis decided to blame Kyle Rittenhouse and peaceful conservative students for their own incompetence. It’s a sad state of affairs when liberal academia prioritizes appeasing a violent mob over the safety and well-being of its students.

This is just another example of how the far-left has no tolerance for opposing views and will stop at nothing to silence those who dare to speak out against their radical agenda.