Trump Co-Defendant Filing Makes Serious Allegations Against Willis


Once again, the left’s hypocrisies and double standards are on full display, as a new bombshell revelation has rocked the already questionable case against former President Donald Trump in Georgia. One of the co-defendants in the case, Michael Roman, has filed a motion claiming that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis had a “personal relationship” with special prosecutor Nathan Wade, potentially compromising the integrity of the entire case.

Yes, you read that right. The so-called “impartial” prosecutors in this case, who are out for Trump’s head on a platter, may have been too busy canoodling and jet-setting to properly handle the case. This adds to the laundry list of irregularities and misconduct surrounding this political witch hunt of a case.

For those who don’t remember, the case against Trump was launched by Willis, who relied on fake news and a leaked draft indictment to go after the former President. And now we have evidence that her relationship with the special prosecutor goes beyond just a working partnership. Sources close to both of them have confirmed that they were involved in a “personal relationship” that supposedly began before Wade was even appointed to the case.

It’s almost comical how blatantly biased and corrupt this entire prosecution is turning out to be. Not only did Willis improperly appoint a special prosecutor without proper approval, she then went on to allegedly engage in a romantic relationship with him while using taxpayer money to fund their lavish vacations. It’s like a romantic comedy, except the joke is on the American people who are once again being forced to foot the bill for the left’s vendetta against Trump.

It’s no wonder that the Fulton County District Attorney’s office is refusing to address these allegations through the media. They know that they have been caught red-handed and are now scrambling to cover up the truth. But unfortunately for them, the truth always has a way of coming out in the end. The truth is that the prosecutors in this case are not only incompetent but also corrupt and motivated by personal gain.

The fact that this scandalous relationship has not only compromised the case but also potentially violated laws regulating the use of public funds is extremely concerning. But let’s not forget who the real victim in all of this is – Donald Trump. He has been relentlessly targeted by the left, who will stop at nothing to see him behind bars. He is facing state and federal charges in multiple states, all of which are politically motivated and baseless. It’s clear that the Democrats are afraid of Trump and will do whatever it takes to silence him and his supporters.

But the fight is far from over. Trump’s legal team is already calling for the charges against Roman to be dismissed, and for Willis and Wade to be disqualified from the case. As more and more evidence of their wrongdoing comes to light, it’s only a matter of time before the entire case falls apart.

The case against Trump in Georgia has once again been exposed as a sham, with new evidence of a potential romantic relationship between the prosecutors coming to light. The left’s relentless pursuit of Trump has reached a new low, with their gross misuse of power and taxpayer money.