Admin Continues To Negotiate Over Rafah


The Biden administration has faced criticism after reports emerged that it was withholding vital intelligence on the locations of top Hamas officials in Gaza.

This information could have been used by Israel to end the ongoing conflict with Hamas swiftly, but instead, it seems that the Biden administration is using it as a bargaining chip to pressure Israel into scaling back its planned invasion of Rafah.

According to The Washington Post, Biden officials have offered to provide Israel with intelligence on top Hamas leaders in exchange for assurances that Israel will not carry out a full-scale invasion of Rafah. This move has sparked outrage among critics, who accuse President Joe Biden of putting political gain above the safety of Israeli citizens and the hostages still held by Hamas.

Caroline Glick, senior contributing editor at the Jewish News Syndicate, called the move “cynical” and “repulsive.” She pointed out that the Biden administration claims to have intelligence on the whereabouts of Hamas terrorists but is only willing to share it if Israel agrees not to take them out. This raises serious questions about the Biden administration’s commitment to its ally and its willingness to defeat terrorism.

Ilan Berman, a senior vice president at the American Foreign Policy Council, also expressed disbelief at the administration’s actions. He questioned whether the U.S. had been withholding vital information on the locations of not only Hamas leaders but also the hostages currently held by the terrorist group.

Ed Morrissey, managing editor at HotAir, pointed out the absurdity of Biden’s threat to freeze offensive military aid to Israel if they invade Rafah. Not only does this show a lack of support for our ally, but it also puts Israel’s security at risk. As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated in a video statement, “If Israel needs to stand alone, it will stand alone.”

Biden’s actions in this situation are troubling and demonstrate a lack of strong leadership and support for our allies. His administration is more concerned with appeasing Hamas and the international community than standing with Israel and putting an end to terrorism.

Ultimately, the Biden administration must prioritize the safety and security of our ally, Israel, over political maneuvering. Withholding vital intelligence and threatening to freeze military aid only serves to embolden Hamas and put Israeli lives at risk. It is time for President Biden to stand firm with Israel and take strong action against terrorism.