Biden Give Comments During Press Gaggle


Among the mothers and grandmothers celebrating their special day for Mother’s Day, President Biden had a hidden display of anger that came across as disdain for Americans yet again.

As he was leaving church, accompanied by his granddaughter, the press bombarded him, asking him how he celebrated Mother’s Day. Instead of a warm and friendly response, Biden lashed out, saying, “I prayed for you all. You need help.” Was this a glimpse into the true feelings of our President?

But Biden quickly recovered and remembered to wish a happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers present. However, it seems like Biden’s heart is not fully in it, as he seems preoccupied with other matters, such as making embarrassing gaffes on the international stage.

Speaking of embarrassing gaffes, during a recent event, Biden couldn’t even keep straight who the leader of a foreign country was. Confusing the South Korean leader for the North Korean dictator, it seems like Biden needs to brush up on his foreign relations before he embarrasses our country even further.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump continues to draw massive crowds, even in traditionally blue states like New Jersey. Thousands turned out for Trump’s rally in Wildwood, proving his supporters are still loyal and eager to hear his message.

In a surprising turn of events, even CNN, known for its biased coverage against Trump, had a moment of clarity. Host Fareed Zakaria shocked viewers with a comment that sounded a lot like an admission of the bias hearings toward Trump. Could it be that even the mainstream media is starting to see the truth?

Zakaria suggested that the criminal charges brought against former President Donald Trump in New York City were politically motivated.

Zakaria, known for his liberal leanings, claimed on his show “GPS Sunday” that the charges against Trump were nothing more than a witch hunt. He pointed out that Trump is leading in almost all swing states and that the opposition he faced during the primaries has disappeared. This is a clear sign that Republicans are uniting behind their leader.

As Biden struggles to appease his base, Trump’s popularity continues to soar, leaving many wondering who will come out victorious in the next election.