Biden Comments On Debate During Las Vegas Ace Event


On Thursday, President Biden hosted the Las Vegas Aces at the White House to honor their victory in the WNBA finals. But instead of celebrating the accomplishments of these talented athletes, Biden’s appearance felt more like a staged PR event for his administration.

First of all, Biden’s behavior was concerning. He stumbled and leaned on Kamala Harris for support as they entered the event. And instead of taking on the role of host and speaker, Biden seemed confused and distracted, with Harris having to step in and do most of the talking.

But the most significant moment of the event was when a reporter managed to slip in a question about a potential debate between Biden and Trump. Biden’s only response was, “Set it up!” It’s clear that the Biden administration fears a face-off with Trump, and it’s no wonder why. Biden can barely handle simple interviews without lying and making confusing statements. Putting him on a debate stage would be a disaster for the administration.

It’s no secret that the Biden team is avoiding debates at all costs. And why wouldn’t they? It’s easier to have the media act as their mouthpiece and control the narrative rather than facing tough questions from an opponent. But this is not how a democracy works. The American people deserve to see their leaders defend their policies and engage in open and fair debates.

But perhaps the most insulting part of this whole event was the fact that Biden spoke about women’s sports while his administration actively works to erase the distinction between biological men and women. Biden’s changes to Title IX have forced biological females to compete against transgender athletes, putting their safety and chances of success at risk. And yet, here he is, pretending to be a champion for women’s sports.

Biden’s appearance with the Las Vegas Aces was nothing more than a superficial attempt to pander to women and the LGBT community. The truth is, his policies do nothing to serve the interests of women. But his team will parade him around for a photo op to create the illusion that he cares.

Biden’s event with the Las Vegas Aces was a perfect example of his administration’s incompetence and unwillingness to engage in open and fair debate. Instead of focusing on the athletes and their accomplishments, the event was used as a political tool to push a false narrative. It’s time for the Biden administration to stop hiding behind staged events and start being held accountable for their actions.