Omar Spars With Reporter During Presser


Rep. Ilhan Omar took part in a press conference that was calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

During the press conference, the Minnesota congresswoman said, “How is it that we have a president who is talking about releasing hostages, who is talking about getting American citizens out of Israel, but could not get himself to say, I want to save and work to save the hundreds, thousands of Americans stuck in Gaza.”

When asked if Israel had a right to defend itself Omar flew into a rage.

“What is wrong with you?” Omar said adding that Israel has dropped bombs on Gaza everyday since the attack.

“How is this possible? Wait, so [are] certain Americans’ lives [more] important than another? Is the American that is living in Gaza less important than the one living in Israel?”

“How is it that you’re telling American citizens to go to the south of Gaza, but you can’t tell Netanyahu not to bomb the south because there are Americans there?” she said.

“And not a single condemnation comes from our caucus leadership or any member of Congress,” she said. “How is it — how is it that we are serving in a body, serving in a body where there are members who condemn us for asking for a peace, for cease fire, the most simplest thing?”

Additionally, AOC is calling for Israel to be investigated.