Biden Celebrates Cinco de Mayo In Rose Garden


President Joe Biden threw a Cinco de Mayo party at the White House, complete with mariachi music, margaritas, and a who’s who of Hispanic elites and Hollywood celebrities.

However, it wasn’t all fun and games, as the president took this opportunity to take a few jabs at his predecessor, Donald Trump.

Amidst the celebration, Biden couldn’t resist taking shots at Trump’s immigration policies, accusing him of wanting to deport millions of illegal immigrants and calling them rapists and murderers. Apparently, Biden missed the memo that Trump’s policies were actually about enforcing our laws and protecting American citizens, but that doesn’t fit his narrative.

Biden also boasted about his decision to extend health care access to so-called “Dreamers” – people who illegally entered the country as children. This move is just another example of Biden putting the needs of illegal immigrants above the American people. And let’s not forget his call for Congress to act on giving these individuals permanent status. Give me a break, Joe. Millions of hard-working, law-abiding American citizens are struggling, yet you’d rather cater to those who broke the law.

In a party filled with Mexican Americans and Hispanic celebrities, it’s no surprise that Biden felt the need to constantly mention his bust of Cesar Chavez in the Oval Office. Is this supposed to make him more relatable to Hispanics? We all know that it’s just a token gesture to pander for votes.

The event was even kicked off by NBA player Jaime Jaquez, who praised Biden and said he’s always looked up to him. Well, perhaps he should look a little closer because what he would find is a president who is consistently putting the interests of foreign nationals above American citizens.

Finally, Biden doesn’t disappoint as his confusion takes over, and Jill comes to the rescue.

What’s truly ironic is that Biden’s party was filled with individuals from a group he constantly calls the “backbone of America,” yet he continues to push policies that harm the very communities he claims to represent. While Trump was focused on creating jobs and boosting the economy for ALL Americans, Biden is busy patting himself on the back for his “inclusive” and “progressive” policies – when, in reality, they are hurting the citizens he’s supposed to serve.