Trump Comments On Latest Fine


Former President Trump has once again found himself in the midst of legal battles, this time in Manhattan, where he is facing charges of falsifying business records. The 45th president has staunchly defended his innocence, even going as far as to say he would rather go to jail than violate his First Amendment right to free speech.

In a fiery speech outside the courtroom, Trump slammed Judge Juan Merchan’s gag order, calling it “unconstitutional” and a violation of his right to free speech. Despite the threat of jail time, Trump made it clear that he would “sacrifice” his own freedom to stand up for the Constitution.

But the judge seems determined to silence the former president and keep him from the campaign trail. Merchan has already fined Trump a total of $10,000 for violating the gag order and now threatens him with potential jail time if he continues to speak out publicly about the case.

And as Trump pointed out, this delay in the trial is a clear tactic to interfere with the upcoming presidential election. Democrats are afraid of Trump’s high poll numbers and are using this case as a way to keep him off the campaign trail. It’s a clear case of political witch-hunt and election interference.

But let’s not forget the real focus of this trial – a $130,000 payment allegedly made by Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Democrats are trying to use this payment, which Trump has denied any involvement in, as evidence of falsified business records and fraud.

But it’s clear that this is nothing more than a flimsy attempt to undermine Trump’s presidency. Trump has denied the affair with Daniels, and even if the payment was made, it does not constitute a crime. It’s ridiculous that Democrats are grasping at straws, trying to find any reason to bring Trump down.

And let’s not forget that this trial is happening under the Biden administration. It’s no secret that Democrats have been desperately trying to discredit Trump ever since he first announced his candidacy in 2015. This case is another example of their relentless efforts to undermine the former president and prevent him from pursuing a potential 2024 bid.

Fortunately, Trump remains strong and steadfast in his defense. He has not wavered in his fight for the truth and his right to free speech. As the trial continues, it’s becoming increasingly evident that this is nothing more than a political ploy by Democrats.

As for the gag order and potential jail time? Well, as Trump himself said, our Constitution is much more important.