CNN’s Jake Tapper Humiliated After Latest Endeavor FLOPS


Whomp, whomp.

CNN host, Jake Tapper recently wrote a new book and it’s a gigantic flop.

Jake Tapper’s latest novel, “All The Demons Are Here” had a disappointing debut in its first week, according to Publishers Weekly via Nielsen. Despite high profile plugs from famous friends, the CNN anchor and bestselling author only managed to shift 4,354 copies in its first seven days on shelves.

In stark contrast, FNC contributor Johnny Joey Jones managed to pull in four times Tapper’s numbers in the first week, selling 20k copies.

“All The Demons Are Here” is a fictional thriller set in the 70s promising to transport readers into the unknown with its references to cults, tabloid journalism, serial killers, disco and UFOs.

The book’s failure is indeed disappointing, given that millions of people watch Jake Tapper’s channel, CNN, in the US and worldwide. While we ultimately can’t judge the fate of the book until Tapper has released more figures, it’s clear in the publishing world that no-one is immune to not selling.

Tapper was on a nonstop press tour and got several plugs from Hollywood actors but it doesn’t seem like it was enough for him to get any traction.


“I’m not here to judge whether the firing was the right thing to do,” Tapper told journalist Kara Swisher’s podcast, On with Kara Swisher, last month. “I’m bummed that it didn’t work out with Chris. I am. I’m bummed that it didn’t work out.”

Regardless of the low sales, the CNN anchor’s day job looks secure. Following the controversial firing of the ex-CEO, Chris Licht. It appears that anchors Anderson Cooper, Erin Burnett and Tapper have taken control.
However, insiders have reported that it was those three that were giving Licht all the problems that eventually forced him out.
CEO Warner Brothers head has stated that despite the upheaval, CNN is not for sale. The comments were made after Licht was forced out after he tried to turn CNN into a more center-left news network.
CNN is becoming a money pit and some things you just can’t fix.
Plus, the left has already lost Twitter (X or whatever it’s called now) they will burn CNN to the ground before they’ll let the network move to the center.
By the way, has anybody heard from Chris Wallace lately? LOL!