Christmas Pic From Kamala Harris Draws Criticism


Recently, Vice President Kamala Harris faced backlash from conservatives after sharing a photo of herself and her husband posing next to a gas stove in their kitchen. This comes after the Biden administration’s proposal to limit the use of gas stoves earlier this year, which sparked controversy among Americans.

In the photo, posted on Christmas day, Harris wished her followers a happy holiday and shared that they were cooking a beef Wellington. However, many conservatives were quick to point out that the vice president, who has previously advocated for reducing red meat consumption for the sake of the environment, was cooking a dish that goes against her own beliefs.

Representative Mike Collins, a Republican from Georgia, was one of the first to criticize Harris for her choice to cook on a gas stove. He questioned, “Is that another gas stove?” Others, such as Mary Vought, pointed out the hypocrisy in Harris’ cooking choice and how it conflicts with her statements on the importance of reducing red meat consumption for the environment.


This is not the first time Harris has received backlash for seemingly going against her own beliefs. On Thanksgiving, she shared a photo of herself and her husband in their kitchen, with a gas stove in the background, which sparked similar criticism. It seems like Harris and her team are not aware of the negative repercussions of such actions, especially when they contradict her advocacy for reducing the use of gas stoves.

The tension surrounding gas stoves and their regulation began earlier this year when Richard Trumka Jr., the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s top leader, mentioned the possibility of a ban on gas stoves due to health concerns. However, this idea was quickly scrapped, and the DOE proposed strict new energy efficiency standards for gas stoves. These regulations would have made it extremely difficult for most gas stoves on the market to comply, which would have ultimately led to their elimination.

Thankfully, the House of Representatives approved an amendment to the larger energy policy bill in March, preventing the implementation of these strict regulations. The amendment, proposed by Rep. Gary Palmer, a Republican from Alabama, received support from 29 Democrats, showing that these regulations do not have bipartisan support. This decision was a win for the millions of American households that rely on natural gas to cook.

The proposal and potential ban of gas stoves by the Biden administration does not align with the views and opinions of a significant portion of Americans. According to statistics, around 38% of American households use natural gas for cooking, which equates to approximately 40 million households. This shows that gas stoves are an essential part of many Americans’ everyday lives and cannot simply be taken away.

Despite the backlash she has received, Harris and her office have not addressed the issue or responded to requests for comments. This lack of acknowledgment and accountability from our vice president only adds fuel to the fire and further solidifies the idea that the Biden administration’s stance on gas stoves is out of touch with the American people.

Harris’ choice to cook on a gas stove seemingly goes against her own beliefs and only adds to the hypocrisy of the situation. Thankfully, the House of Representatives has taken a stand for the millions of Americans who rely on gas stoves, showing that these regulations do not have universal support.

Fox News