Lauren Boebert Makes A Big Switch


In a recent announcement that has stirred the political landscape of Colorado, Representative Lauren Boebert, a prominent figure in the state’s Republican party, disclosed her intention to seek re-election in a different district come 2024.

Boebert, currently representing Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, revealed her bid for the seat set to be vacated by Rep. Ken Buck in the state’s 4th District. Buck had earlier declared his decision not to pursue re-election in 2024, prompting Boebert to declare her candidacy for the forthcoming election through a social media video released on Wednesday.

In her video statement, Boebert articulated her motivation for this strategic move, emphasizing its alignment with her conservative ideals and the support for the movement she represents. She conveyed her commitment to preventing what she referred to as the encroachment of socialism and communism within the country, framing her decision as pivotal in furthering these principles within the political sphere.

Boebert acknowledged personal challenges, including a difficult year for herself and her family, referencing her divorce and alluding to past incidents that garnered public attention, such as her removal from a theater during the “Beetlejuice” stage play due to inappropriate behavior and vaping. She expressed remorse for these incidents, emphasizing personal growth and resilience in the face of adversity.

The announcement also touched upon Boebert’s dedication to preserving the 3rd District from what she labeled as interference by outside influences, including Hollywood elites and groups with progressive agendas. She denounced the alleged attempts to sway the district’s dynamics through undisclosed financial support, vowing to safeguard the conservative stronghold.

The move by Boebert has significant implications for Colorado’s political landscape, particularly in the race for majority control. Her decision to shift her candidacy to a district viewed as more securely Republican potentially solidifies efforts to maintain a conservative stronghold rather than contend with a more competitive seat.

Boebert’s decision to seek election in the 4th District has accelerated the momentum of the Republican primary race, drawing attention to other contenders like Jerry Sonnenberg, a respected figure within Colorado’s rural Republican sphere. Sonnenberg, a former state senator and rancher with deep ties to the rural community, is set to announce his bid for the GOP nomination for the 4th District seat, adding to the growing field of candidates vying for this position.

As the political landscape continues to take shape, Boebert’s move and the ensuing contest for Buck’s seat have sparked considerable interest, with four other Republicans and three Democrats already declaring their candidacy. The unfolding dynamics promise a robust and closely watched election cycle in Colorado, potentially impacting the balance of power within the state’s congressional delegation and influencing the broader national political landscape.

The stage is set for a spirited and competitive race, as candidates from both sides of the aisle gear up to vie for the opportunity to represent Colorado’s 4th Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives.

Fox News