Biden Gives Outlook Before Christmas


President Biden believes that if the media would just do this one thing he’d be more popular.

Just before heading out of DC before Christmas, President Biden blamed the media for his low approval ratings because they were discussing the economy.

When Biden was asked about his outlook on the 2024 economy, he said, “All good. Take a look…Start reporting it the right way.”

“Talk about shooting the messenger,” Fox Business host David Asman posted on X, adding, “61% of Democrats joining the 93% of Republicans and 85% of independents who say the economy is in bad condition … and Biden’s blaming the media.”

From Fox News:

According to the Fox News poll Asman mentioned, only 14% of Americans believe that they have been helped by President Biden’s economic policies — and almost half (46%) say that “Bidenomics” have resulted in them personally taking a financial hit. Overall, 78% said that the economy was in bad shape.

In addition, 68% said that they were not satisfied with the direction the country was going — a 15-point increase from 53% just after Biden took office in 2021. The jump was much higher among Democrats — from 20% in 2021 to 47% in this latest poll.

The poll also indicated that Americans are worried things could get worse before they get better, economically speaking — just 22% said that they believed the economy would improve in the next year, while twice as many respondents (44%) said they expected to see things get worse in 2024.

Biden also answered a few other questions before getting out of town.