Chris Christie & Megyn Kelly Have A Dust Up


December 6, 2023, is going to go down as a terrible night for RINOs.

Between Chris Christie throwing a temper tantrum and Nikki Haley looking like a buffoon the brand is toast.

Megyn Kelly asked Christie to answer a blistering question about his likability in the party.

“His [Trump’s] approval rating with Republicans is currently at 81 percent. Yours is at 25,” Kelly said as Christie just stared. “Your best state is New Hampshire, and even there, two-thirds of GOP voters say they would be disappointed if you won.”

She then asked how does he expect to lead the party that “does not appear to like you very much.”

When there was a commercial break Christie threw a transtrum yelling and screaming at Kelly.

It was a pretty bad night for Nikki Haley too.

Vivek went after Haley watch the look on her face.

If got even worse for Haley who is the right hand of the left.

It was a terrible night for the establishment.