Bipartisan Support Grows For Cameras For Trump Trial


You are more than likely going to agree with the Washington Post and MSNBC on this one point about Trump’s trial. But be prepared for a flip-flop from the media because the inside-the-beltway types aren’t going to let this happen.

Legal Analyst for NBC News, Glenn Kirschner told Joe Scarborough that, “cameras in the courtroom are a must because if we don’t have them, what will we get? A one-sided account coming from Trump’s lawyers. You’re not going to get anything from Jack Smith and his federal prosecutors.”

The Washington Post also published a lengthy piece wanting the case to be publically televised.

“Federal law will prevent all but a handful of Americans from actually seeing what is happening in the trial. We will be relegated to perusing cold transcripts and secondhand descriptions. The law must be changed,” wrote Neal Katyal for the Washington Post.

“Most important, live (or near-live) broadcasting lets Americans see for themselves what is happening in the courtroom and would go a long way toward reassuring them that justice is being done. They would be less vulnerable to the distortions and misrepresentations that will inevitably be part of the highly charged, politicized discussion flooding the country as the trial plays out. Justice Louis Brandeis’s observation that ‘sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants’ is absolutely apt here,” Katyal added.

Wash Po added that there is a couple of ways the law could be changed for the Trump case. Chief Justice John G. Roberts could vote for an amendment to Rule 53 and the trial could be authorized to be broadcast.

The second is what Senator Chuck Grassley is trying to do in the Senate. The Republican Senator has introduced a bill that would give a federal judge the authority to allow a televised trial should they see fit.

Katyal added that this shouldn’t be a “partisan issue” adding that cameras in the courtroom guarantees the Sixth Amendment (right to a public trial).

For those that remember, the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was televised and it went along way when the jury reached their verdict allowing him to go free.

The cameras showed the incompetence of the prosecutors who fumbled and bumbled the case.

Katyal who was a special prosecutor in the Derek Chauvin (George Floyd case) said that “it is our tax dollars at work. We have a right to see it.”