Elon Interview Creates Firestorm


X owner, Elon Musk has responded to companies who decided to boycott advertising on his social media platform.

The controversy started when the left wing media “watchdog” Media Matters made serious accusations about a poorly worded social media post. Musk later clarified his remarks and was defended by several high profile Jewish figures.

But, the pressure (probably planned) from the political left got companies like Disney, Paramount, NBC Universal, Comcast, and others to stop advertising.

On November 29, Musk walked into the lion’s den for an interview at The New York Times Dealbook Summit 2023 at the Lincoln Center.

When asked about advertisers boycotting the platform, Musk said, “I hope they stop.”

Adding that he won’t be blackmailed by money and called out Disney CEO Bob Iger.

“If somebody’s gonna try to blackmail me with advertising, blackmail me with money, go f*** yourself. Go. F***. Yourself. Is that clear? I hope it is. Hey, Bob, I’m sure you’re in the audience.”

The audience was stunned and silent.

Folks, this had the woke bullies in the media flipping out.

Remember, you are not supposed to talk to them like this.

***Warning strong language****

Below is a video that is a longer segment to give context as well.

Why would Disney want to return? Because their own reports show that their own creators turned people away and they need every dime they can get to win back customers.

What Elon said made them really mad, remember you are supposed to grovel before them apologize, and cave.

Now the left is claiming he’s insane.

The irony in all of this is that a lot of the people sitting in the hall during the interview probably own a Tesla.