Biden Hosts Medal Of Freedom Ceremony


The recent Medal of Freedom ceremony held by President Joe Biden was a stark reminder of just how unfit he is to lead our country. While the event was meant to honor esteemed individuals with America’s highest civilian honor, it instead showcased Biden’s obvious mental decline.

From beginning to end, the president struggled to read from his teleprompter, slurring his words and repeatedly getting names and words wrong. It’s clear that his handling of the ceremony was a prime example of why he has no business being in charge of our nation.

It was almost painful to watch Biden stumble through the ceremony. But even more concerning was that those around him seemed to do nothing to help or correct him. Rather, they stood by and allowed him to embarrass himself and our country.

One of the most shocking moments was when Biden appeared to forget why he was there and confused the Medal of Freedom with the Medal of Honor. This is a clear sign of his declining mental acuity and should be cause for great concern for all Americans.

As the ceremony went on, the mistakes and gaffes continued to pile up. Biden continually mispronounced names, including calling actress Michelle Yeoh “Michael Yeoh.” He even flubbed naming the Olympic games, referring to them as the “Paralympics.”

But perhaps the most cringe-worthy moment came towards the end of the ceremony when Biden twice misidentified the medal he was giving out. This is a clear indication that he was not even paying attention to what was going on and did not understand the significance of the event.

It’s hard to believe that the leader of the free world is so mentally incompetent that he can’t even remember the purpose of a ceremony designed specifically to honor individuals with a specific award. The fact that his handlers continue to push him out in front of the public is both concerning and irresponsible.

It’s no secret that Biden has had numerous verbal and cognitive slip-ups throughout his time in office. But this ceremony was a glaring example of just how bad his mental state truly is. The American people deserve a leader who is mentally fit and capable of carrying out the duties of the presidency. Biden has proven time and time again that he is not that leader.