Watch: Biden Getting Backlash After Interview On CNN


On two occasions, President Joe Biden made two admissions, creating a foreign policy nightmare.

On July 8, 2023, a video was posted of President Biden leaving an event when a reporter asked why was he sending cluster munitions to Ukraine.

“They’ve run out of ammunition,” he said.

Following that little slip Biden seemed to elude during a CNN interview that the US is running out of 155mm artillery ammunition.

There is a feeling that the situation may be even more dire than we know.

The arms company Raytheon is calling retirees and asking them to come back to work.

The retired engineers are being asked to help make Stinger missiles so they can be sent over to Ukraine. The weapons system is so old that the current methods of production and automation would require a total redesign of the weapon and there isn’t enough time for that.

“You’d have to redesign the entire seeker in order to automate it,” Wes Kremer, the president of Raytheon said.

So the company is forced to remake the weapon the same way they did forty years ago.

“We were bringing back retired employees that are in their 70s,” he said mentioning they are using the old blueprints.

“We’re pulling test equipment out of warehouses and blowing the spider webs off of them,” Kremer added.

Biden is once again creating another foreign policy nightmare.