Wash Po Reporter Is In BIG TROUBLE, She’s Headed To Court


The Washington Post’s technology reporter Taylor Lorenz has been the center of many controversial news stories.

She doxxed the family of the woman behind the infamous account Libs of TikTok, wrote weird pieces about KellyAnne Conway’s daughter and her ethics has been called into question several times.

The online doxxer was mocked after she cried over people getting upset over her work.

Well, it appears that Karma is coming for Lorenz who is now at the center of a huge lawsuit.

Lorenz is being sued for defamation over an article she wrote in August 2020 which accused TikTok talent agent Ariadna Jacob of leaking inappropriate images of an internet influencer to industry insiders.

In the $11.6 million lawsuit, Jacob accuses Lorenz of bullying her clients into lying about her.

From the New York Post:

Jacob, 38, is the founder and CEO of Influences, a now-defunct company which billed itself as an “online creator management and influencer marketing company” that at one point managed more than 85 TikTok creators with massive followings.

She has accused Lorenz and the Times of publishing a “hit piece” about her company, which procured branding deals with aspiring influencers who were in turn required to pay rent to live in a Hollywood Hills mansion and create a minimum number of social media posts to promote the home and themselves.

Lorenz quoted the influencers as accusing Jacob of locking them into exclusive contracts and promising them branding deals — only to fail to deliver and saddling them with onerous expenses including rent and utilities.

Lorenz was trying to get out of testifying but a judge ruled against and now she is going under oath.