The Left Has A New Big Problem & They Don’t Want To Talk About It – WATCH


Democrats have a new, really big problem and it’s about to cause them many problems.

In certain areas of the country, there are very strong Muslim populations, and they aren’t very happy about what’s going on in public schools either.

In Montgomery County, Maryland, Muslims led a rally outside of a school board meeting after their ability to “opt-out” their children out of certain classes was removed.

Muslims, Christians, and other parental rights groups rallied to restore the “opt-out” feature that allowed parents to shield their children from woke explicit classes.

Below are a series of videos showing what took place:

Below is a very important speech, listen to what the councilwoman says and how she frames things. Also, note that she affirms everyone must submit to the school’s ideology.

Side note: who else remembers when the left said we had to accept Islamic culture in the years following 9/11?

As the left pushes this is going to cost them voters.

Well, in Glendale, California, that attitude did not go well especially after militant left-wing agitators attacked a group of Armenian Americans protesting a Pride assembly at Saticoy Elementary School.

No injuries were reported and two people were arrested.